Be careful what you count

We have just submitted our service report to the New Zealand Ministry of Health and in it we reported on the Safe Sleep activity of our networks.

Because of what you count, we were able to report some big numbers for participation in our SUDI Prevention education. Numbers were: 5657 for ‘Baby Essentials Online’, 2257 for ‘Through the Tubes’ and 303 for the recent programme ‘In Safe Hands’.

Because of what you count, we now know Continue reading Be careful what you count

Windows Upgrade

New Zealand now has a purpose-designed Pēpi-Pod®  sleep space complete with windows.  The pod is a simple container for holding the safety of sleep when more vulnerable babies rest in places known to increase risk of accidental suffocation.

The pod has undergone a 'windows upgrade' so that babies can open their eyes to familiar faces and places.
The pod has undergone a ‘windows upgrade’ so that babies can open their eyes to familiar faces and places.

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As I type, Hugo William is beginning his first moments as a person. At the same time, I am beginning my first moments blogging. Two beginnings of very different kinds. For Hugo it is a first breath, for me  a first post, and so I dedicate this first post to Hugo all of 10 minutes old.

There is something addictive about beginnings. In the case of a blog post, there is the blank space calling for a deposit of enlightened thought; a space not yet spoiled with  clumsy syntax and banal musings. And so I teetered here on the precipice of that blank space unable to start this post.

Then Hugo arrived and launched himself into his world, and, inspired by his confidence and forthright assumption that he is welcome here, I have written my first post.

Different thinking for different results